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What do current clients have to say?
Jennifer provides the best in worry-free care.  My dogs Winnie and Hoya absolutely adore her and I can totally relax when I am away knowing that they and my home are being well looked after.
-Cathy C.
Kingston, NJ
My Wheaton Terrier loves Jennifer and so do we!  He is always happy to see her coming and knowing this makes it so much easier to leave him behind, when we have to.  She is super conscientious and so personable, that you will always feel your dog is in the best of hands, whenever you call her.  It is a pleasure to know her and I highly recommend her.
-Jackie R.
Princeton, NJ
I have known Jennifer for 20 years- She is responsible, organized, kind, and patient. We have two dogs, one older and set in her ways at age 11 and one young pup who is 3 and full of energy. She is great with both of them and I feel like my home and my animals are safe and happy and well cared and loved in my absence.
-Leslie Kuenne
Princeton, NJ
Jennifer is amazing!  She is patient and kind with our sweet, but not so bright goldendoodle Neutron.  She is the most reliable and conscientious house sitter I have ever had and I know that anytime she watches Neutron or the house that I return to a happy dog and safe, secure house.  I can't say enough good things about her.  
-Shannon Hartley
Lawrenceville, NJ
My dog Coco loves Jenn!! When Coco sees Jenn's car pull into our driveway she is jumping at the door! 
I know that she is getting constant care and exercise.
-Jenn Brandt
Princeton, NJ
There are not many people that I would trust to leave my dog with.  However, I have never hesitated leaving our Portugese Water Dog Harley with Jennifer.  I know that my dog will get better care with her then with anyone else.  She gives my dog the same care and love that she gives her own two dogs.  She is trustworthy and responsible and truly enjoys taking care of animals. 
-Jessica Davidson
Princeton, NJ
Georgia and I think
you totally ROCK!! You saved my life when I was in a really tough spot.
-Anna S.
Princeton, NJ
We used to board Tipper at a kennel but found that having Jennifer come and take care of Tipper worked out so much better for several reasons.  In the past we would rush about before and after our trip to ensure we arrived at the kennel during the appropriate drop off and pick up times which is particularly stressful when luggage and travel is involved.  Or we would have to board Tipper an extra night to avoid the chaos which was an added cost and a night that Tipper would have preferred to be at home.  More importantly however, Tipper is much happier when she can stay at home.  When we return she is not agitated or stressed after our time away but rather it looks like she had a good time.  We arrived home early one day and she was just coming back from a walk with Jennifer and she looked so happy.  Tipper is getting older and we really want to be sure she is receiving quality care.  Jennifer delivers that care and we are looking for and judging from Tipper's face when she sees Jennifer, I think she would agree. 
-Emily Firmenich
Princeton, NJ
Maggie, Keely & Ayla
Beans & Chloe
Chloe & Lizzie
Bella & Bear
Chloe & Bogie
Ayla, Beans & Nora
Patient Paws Petsitting vs. Kennel Boarding and Doggie Day Care
  • Reduced stress for your pet by remaining in home environment and peace of mind for you
  • Normal sleep, diet and exercise routine for your pets
  • Constant contact with owner/operator for updates on your pets-including pictures sent via email and text!
  • No exposure to illness spread from other animals (ex. dog influenza, kennel cough, etc.)
  • Saving time and the hassle of picking up and dropping off at kennel or doggie day care
  • Household services are completed for you when you arrive home-no piling up of garbage and recycling, or having to hold mail and newspapers.
  • Your house appears occupied while you are away, a real crime deterrent
  • Reliability, flexibility and a service that you can value
Ayla and Nora
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